Our initial meeting gives us a chance to introduce ourselves to a potential client, discuss their project, and develop a preliminary scope of work and budget. We present the homeowner with information about our company and respond to any questions.

The initial meeting is free of charge, held at homeowner's residence and typically lasts about ninety minutes.


During the Design Phase we work with the homeowner to develop and finalize the design concept for their project. The process is creative and collaborative. It begins with an extensive interview with the client.

The concept drawings begin with floor plan sketches, then progress to vertical elevations and rendered perspectives. What makes a home feel like a home is very subjective—our job is to craft a solution tailored to each client's needs and tastes. Once the Design Phase scheme is set, we update the budget to reflect this plan and proceed to the Construction Document Phase.

Construction Documents

During the Construction Document (CD) Phase we create the detailed construction drawings required to estimate, permit and build your project. We also work with you to make all the material selections needed, from siding and windows, to tile and plumbing fixtures. As part of the selection process we accompany clients on visits to local showrooms.

Our plans are very thorough, which sets the tone for a well organized job with an emphasis on communication and accurate expectations. We review the plans in detail with our client so that there is a complete understanding of the project scope of work. Once complete, we issue the plans to our allied contractors for competitive pricing.


Proper management of the Construction Phase is essential for maintaining success and enjoyment throughout the building process. Saltbox Architecture/Construction offers a variety of Construction Management options to suit our client's needs:

Construction Administration - Hourly, As Needed
Recommended for clients who have the time and knowledge to manage their construction process.

Construction Administration - Ongoing Throughout The Project
Recommended for clients who have contracted directly with their builder and would like our help coordinating the process. Includes frequent site visits to verify adherence to the plans, weekly conferences with the contractor, and ongoing communication with our clients.

Construction Management
Recommended for clients who want the simplicity of having one point of contact for the entire project. With this option our client's construction contract is directly with Saltbox Architecture/Construction and we manage the construction process entirely from beginning to end. Included in this package is our two-year limited construction warranty.